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Old Montana Prison

Ready for an all night thriller? Ghost Tours are here.

The Old Montana Prison, located in Deer Lodge, is one of the many exciting attractions in the state.  Built in 1871, the museum now allows visitors to experience “prison life”.  While touring this venue, shackles and restraints can be seen showing how the facility worked.  It was emptied in the late 1970s, and never held prisoners again.  Everything is left how they last had it to show how the guards and inmates lived their daily lives.  State authorities had to grant permission for prisoners to grow mustaches and even had written guidelines for length and care.  There are many historical stories that happened within these walls, but for this post, I wanted to introduce what they call the Ghost Tours.  For only two days in October, they provide these spooky, yet exhilarating tours that will make sure to get your blood pumping.  

From 9pm to 3am on October 25th and Halloween, you and a group of friends are allowed access to the prison.  Special locations such as the hospital and death tower are permitted during these tours as they are not normally open to the general public.  In addition, you are provided paranormal investigation equipment to enhance your experience.  Snacks and refreshments are provided, but the thrill itself might make you forget about food!  After the haunt, 8 hours of video, audio, and pictures are sent to your email so you can relive the fun for years to come! For tickets, click the link below.  If this sounds like something you and your friends would enjoy, Yellowstone Rent a Car can make it a reality!  Call our team today to reserve your car!  

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