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Skijoring in Montana

Big Sky Skijoring Association: Thrilling to say the least

The western way of life is highly prevalent here in Montana.  Many live the cowboy lifestyle everyday no matter the weather.  People who live in Montana love the snow, or learn to, and have figured out creative and fun ways to enjoy the harsh winters Montana can sometimes throw at you.  One of these events is SkijoringSkijoring is a combination of horseback riding and skiing wrapped up into one thrilling and fast-paced event.   The Big Sky Skijoring Association is one of the places you can find this here in Montana.  They are a non-profit organization and this February, they will hold their annual Best in the West Showdown.  On the 3-5 of February, you will see people on horses racing around a 900+ foot course pulling another person on skis.  There are jumps and obstacles they have to maneuver around.  The Best in the West Showdown brings many competitive skijoring teams to the area and it is sure to be thrilling.  

Located in Big Sky Montana, there are other events happening too such as the welcoming parade, Calcutta, and live music.  Skijoring in itself is an unforgettable experience and an event definitely worth checking out.  If you are here visiting and are looking for something new and different, this is the ticket.  Our team at Yellowstone Rent a Car can help you to find the perfect ride to make your trip the best yet.  Skijoring is one of those events you go home and tell all your friends about! 

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