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Montana Mule Days

Montana's View into the past: Montana Mule Days

Montana is still one of the states to be considered part of the Wild West.  Our Western way of life gives a view into the past.  This is showcased today with the Montana Mule Days in Hamilton Montana!  This is the 36th year of Montana’s largest Mule and Donkey show held at the Ravalli County Fairgrounds.  On June 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, you will be able to enjoy riding and driving events, cattle events, western pleasure, gymkhana, chariot races, big hitches, performance classes, and more!  This is a 3-day family event that is sure to be put in your memory bank.  These amazing animals have been used for centuries on farms and ranches to help get chores done.  Many people still use these methods today.  These events just allow those who enjoy this way of life to show it off to others and provide meaningful information about what they do.  

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