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Experience the Thrill at Field of Screams

"Come experience the thrill!"

October is also known as Spooky Season, and for good reason.  There are so many frightful events that take place.  One of the most popular within Montana is the Field of Screams.  Located just 30 minutes south of Missoula, they have been the masters of scare for 24 years.  They have their craft down to a science and provide the spookiest experience.  The fun begins when you walk through a field of corn, then through fog-filled swamps, graveyards, and clown-infested playgrounds, all while being chased by a chainsaw man.  Lastly, you go through a spooky ghost town.  Their website states, there are over 30 ways to be scared!  Talk about an adrenaline rush!  As they say, “Come experience the thrill!” 

Daytime activities are also available.  These include a mini maze, escape rooms, wagon rides, PlaHay ground, and the opportunity to walk through the cornfield and ghost town.  While all the scary decorations are set up, there are no haunters in the daytime.  Perfect opportunity to go with the little ones!  During the nighttime haunts, they suggest children 8 years or older.  Haunting starts at dusk and continues until all the ticketed guests are through! There are no refunds if you are too scared to go all the way through!  The haunting started on September 23rd and goes until October 31st.  You won’t want to miss out. Our people at Yellowstone Rent a Car can help you enjoy all the haunting your heart desires.  Just give us a call and rent your car today! 

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