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The alternative to Skiing

One of the activities I want to highlight in this snow series is the Yellowstone Snow Coach Tours. While it is an alternative to a ski resort, it is well worth it. If you like to do things that are a little on the wild side, this is the perfect vacation.  Yellowstone National Park is a beauty in the summer and the winter.  However, the only way to access Yellowstone in the winter is through snowcoach, snowmobile, cross-country skiing, or snowshoeing!  Many love to snowmobile and take winter tours to experience the elegance of the park.  Yellowstone vacations is where you can go to find all of the fun experiences such as snowcoach tours in Gardiner and West Yellowstone and snowmobile tours from Yellowstone Vacations and Two Top Rentals, Inc.  For the snowcoach tours, you can visit Old Faithful or the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone which start on December 15th.  For snowmobile tours, you can visit the same two locations starting on December 15th until February 28th.  If you love the snow and the outdoors, this is the perfect vacation spot for you.  

Yellowstone vacations are the perfect way to experience all that Yellowstone National Park has to offer during the season of frigid temperatures. Our team at Yellowstone Rent a Car can set you up with the perfect ride to get you there safe and sound.  We are dedicated to making your trip to Montana one you will never forget. For those of you who love the snow and outdoors, you will definitely enjoy this outing!  

If you want to know more about car rentals, give us a call at Yellowstone Rent A Car (406) 312-1303 or email us at  We want to take the stress of traveling off your mind so you can be present with your friends and family during your vacations!

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