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Phillipsburg Montana

Phillipsburg Montana: A Destination

Each state has its own unique activities that the locals deem essential to do while you are here.  Phillipsburg Montana is one of those must-see places as the town’s historic nature tells so much about Montana’s past.  While in Philipsburg, unique, fun, and educational activities exist.  One of the most popular is Sapphire mining.  This is nature’s version of a treasure hunt where you sift through a pile of dirt to find sapphires.  Sapphire mining began when the gold rush began and miners would find “pebbles” in their sluice boxes.  Those “pebbles” are now known as sapphires. Now, you can find your Sapphires by going to Gem Mountain and doing some mining of your own.  

Philipsburg has other unique attractions such as the candy shop known as The Sweet Place.  Iconic to Phillipsburg, many love visiting and trying different sweet treats.  In addition to the candy store, there are other unique and different restaurants for you to try.  Many are a throwback to back in the day and showcase what Montana was really like when Philipsburg was first founded.  

Weddings and special events are also held as the landscape is beautiful in the area.  Philipsburg is one of those cute little towns that we all love to enjoy.  A visit is something you will not regret.  Many of the locals of Bozeman see this as a small getaway destination just because of the beauty and uniqueness of what you can find there.  If you need a ride to get there, our team at Yellowstone Rent a Car can ensure you have the perfect car for your needs.  

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