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Little Bighorn Battlefield

Historic Montana: Little Bighorn Battlefield

Montana is a very historical state and one of the iconic landmarks in the Little Bighorn Battlefield located in Crow Agency Montana.  While I cannot fit an entire history lesson into one post, I will summarize why this spot is so historic.  Expansion in the US in the 1800s was the main goal and many explorers tried to make their mark.  One cause of this was the creation of reservations for the Native Americans to move to.  This was one of the starting factors of this conflict. The Lakota and Cheyenne were not willing to sign or abide by the Treaty of Fort Laramie and in response, President Lincoln sent the 7th Cavalry led by General George Custer.  Long story short, On June 25th and 26th, Custer and his men were massacred by a large number of Lakota and Cheyenne soldiers.  Custer majorly underestimated the strength these tribes had.  The Lakota and Cheyenne were not willing to give up the hunting ground of the Black Hills.  However, they were defeated and forced to give up control and move on to the reservation.  There is way more to this interesting story, but too much to cover in one post. 

Many people love to visit the park year-round and learn about unforgettable moments in history.  The park has hours for all seasons as the weather can majorly affect what you can do.  Some of the things to do while at the park include visiting the museum and the bookstore, walking the Deep Ravine Trail, visiting Custer’s Last Stand Hill, driving the 4.5-mile tour road to Reno, visiting the Custer National Cemetery, and allowing the kids to be a part of the Junior Ranger Program.  If you are wanting to learn more about Montana, this is a must-see park.  Our team at Yellowstone Rent a Car can provide the wheels to get there.  Trips that are educational and fun are the ultimate package. 

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