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Virginia City

A glimpse into the past in Virginia City

Montana became a territory in 1864 and was officially made a state in 1889.  This means that Montana is rich in history and has a lot to offer as a glimpse into the past. Virginia City is one of these gems.  Designated as the Montana capitol in 1865, Virginia City and Nevada City lie about a mile apart on Alder Gulch next to the Rocky Mountains.  This is home to the richest gold strike in Montana valued at just over 100 Million dollars.  In its heyday, it was home to 10,000 people and it was called “Fourteen-mile City” because of the numerous homesteads that flanked the gulch.  Today, Virginia City is a ghost town but is enjoyed by thousands of visitors each year.  

Even though Virginia City is considered a ghost town, there is still plenty to enjoy!  Some of the routine attractions include Alder Gulch Short Line Railroad, Living History, Virginia City Players, Brewery Follies, Historic Fire Truck Tours, Thompson-Hickman Museum, Stagecoach Tours, and the Virginia City Boardwalk that features many shops and stores.  Special events take place as well at different times of the year!  Since these two historic towns were founded because of the gold rush, visitors can now try their luck in the River of Gold, in addition to learning about the dredge mining method.  Many like to stay for the whole weekend in the hotel and experience the restaurants and homemade ice cream.  Ask any native Montanan, they will know specific parts of Virginia City.  

Virginia City is one of the nostalgic places to see in Montana.  If you want to know more about car rentals, give us a call at Yellowstone Rent A Car (406) 312-1303 or email us at We are happy to help your weekend be the best yet!  Smiles and memories are what we strive for.

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