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Montana Grizzly Encounter

Fun and Educational: Montana Grizzly Encounter

If you are looking for a fun and educational place to go with the family, Montana Grizzly Encounter is the place to be!  This is your chance to have a safe place to be up close and personal with real Grizzly Bears.  The sanctuary is built to give the bears the best life possible.  The bears are rescues that could never be released into the wild, but have been given the opportunity to teach the public about bear safety.  The enclosure is built to be able to protect the visitors and the bears without bars or barricades obstructing the view.  

Montana Grizzly Encounter has a mission that is two fold.  One part being to help create awareness and stop the cruelty of these precious animals.  They do this by providing a proper and humane environment for bears that could not survive in the wild.  The other part is educating the public about Grizzly Bears to promote the preservation of these animals in the wild.  This will help increase bear safety and minimize the human and bear encounters that can cause injury.  Donations are always appreciated.   

Founded in 2004, Montana Grizzly Encounter is located on I-90 between Bozeman and Livingston.  As of now they have Bella, Sheena, Maggie, and Max to help with their mission.  If this sounds like a good place to go visit, Yellowstone Rent a Car can help!  With close proximity to Bozeman and Yellowstone National Park, you can make a stop on your way to a weekend vacation.  

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