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MSU Debut

Welcome Back to School!

Welcome back to school Montana State University students!  Whether you are a returning student or an incoming freshman, we are happy to be back!  Montana State University is a community university that prides itself on its bobcat spirit.  One way they do this is with MSU Debut.  This is a series of events students and parents can attend to get to know MSU and Bozeman community!  Some of the activities include Movie on the Lawn, Catapalooza, M photo and block party, trivia night, and the Gold Rush football game!  One of the most popular is Hiking the “M”.  This is where the freshman class gets a chance to hike to the “M” and give the rocks a fresh coat of paint.  This is a famous landmark of the Montana State and Bozeman community.  It is definitely a good time! 

Montana State move-in day is here!  With that, many students and their families will be visiting Bozeman to send their kids off to college.  There is lots to see and do for some quality family time! Yellowstone Rent a Car can be there to make that family time even more special.  A full list of activities, dates, and times is listed on the Montana State website and you can view this by clicking the button below.  

While sending your kids off to college can be hard, Montana State is a great university and they are going to have the time of their lives!  If you want to know more about car rentals, give us a call at Yellowstone Rent A Car (406) 312-1303 or email us at

See the Full List of Events Here!

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