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Lewis and Clark Caverns

Hiking and History

The Lewis and Clark Caverns is one of the famous state parks in Montana.  It became famous as it is the largest known Limestone Cavern in the Northwest.  Guided cave tours are one of the more popular attractions in the park.  There are two options: the Paradise Tour and the Classic Cave Tour.  The Paradise Tour is the easier of the two options with a 1 ½ walk and a tour of two rooms.  The Classic Cave Tour is a two hour, two mile walk through the caverns.  The website warns this can be challenging.  There are numerous other activities available such as camping, biking, hiking, fishing, photography, hunting, and many more!  There are bats that live in the cave, but they won’t bother you if you don’t bother them! 

In terms of camping, there are many options available: campsites, cabins, and tipis.  This is a great opportunity to take the family for a weekend and have some fun!  Yellowstone Rent a Car can help you accomplish that!  With all the activities the Lewis and Clark Caverns has to offer, you will not be bored.  In addition, there are programs and speaker series that take place all of August!  So much to see and learn at the caverns!  Take the family for a much needed vacation! 

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