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Hot Springs in Montana

Warm up in a Montana Hot spring

With the cold weather we are having this week and the major amounts of snow that have arrived, many are looking for a way to stay warm and cozy.  One of the best ways in Montana is to visit one of the many hot springs in the state.  If you are looking for a few options closer to Bozeman, I have you covered.  One of the most popular is Bozeman Hot Springs.  They have 12 different pools to enjoy ranging from 59 to 106 degrees.  Another popular spot is Norris Hot Springs in Norris, Montana.  While there is only one pool to enjoy, they have live music, a snack bar and grill, and a fresh garden.  In addition, Yellowstone Hot Springs in Gardiner is a perfect place to be as you can enjoy the park as well.  With over 4,000 square feet of mineral pools and great views, you can’t go wrong.  The Boiling River of Yellowstone National Park is another famous attraction to enjoy while you visit.  These are just a few of the closer ones to Bozeman, but others include Lolo Hot Springs in Lolo, Broadwater Hot Springs near Helena, Fairmont Hot Springs in Butte, and Spa Hot Springs in White Sulphur Springs.  

Montana has many natural attractions such as the hot springs and there are many other options to choose from.  The ones I provided are popular in Southwestern Montana or close to Bozeman.  If you are in need of transportation to be able to enjoy your visit here in Bozeman, Yellowstone Rent a Car and make sure you feel safe on the snowy winter roads.  Our team will fit you with the perfect ride.  Montana has a lot to offer and the best way to experience what is available is to come and see for yourself! 

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